Space is like hard pure night

traversed with flashes - Edwin Morgan

18 March
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"I will teach my sons and daughter to live/on mist and fire and fly to the stars." - Edwin Morgan

Since I've decided to wade into the waters of writing my own fanfiction after reading it for so long, I'm creating this journal as a fic dump. Welcome to the wastelands!

Open friending policy. Go ahead, and I'll friend you back.

A note about posting poilicy: I do not post works in progress because I do too much revision to ever post what I first have and also because I occasionally abandon a story. If I ever post in parts, the story in question is finished but being rationed. If I ever post a series, each story within the series is its own complete narrative.

These days, I'm on tumblr if you want to follow me/talk to me/squee with me, and while this journal is in play to update with fic links, I am now posting new fic only at AO3.