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Fic Masterlist

This is no longer kept up, and is not a comprehensive list of my stories. Please see my AO3 for a full, up-to-date listing of my stories.

Star Trek

At His Altar - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, PWP
Spock indulges in a bit of Kirk-worship.
Warnings: rimming, felching
~1500 words

Astral Bodies - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, angst, Tarsus, de-aged, H/C
Jim knew what men liked: to possess and destroy. Planets, women, slim-hipped young men mucking out stables as distant Sol browned their glistening skin, it didn’t matter.
Warnings: underage sexuality, rimming
~23,000 words

Unethically Obtained - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, PWP
Spock discovers a preoccupation with his captain's very normal Starfleet-issue underpants.
Warnings: panty-thievery and sniffing thereof, rimming
~7,700 words

A Plausible Scenario - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, humor
Spock relates his favorite fantasy from Unethically Obtained.
Warnings: a very logical rimming
~2000 words

Faultlines - Kirk/Spock, slash by way of het, NC-17, angst, genderbending
Conveniently placed flowers turn Spock into a woman. No one’s happy about it.
Warnings: unhappy genderswitch
~14,400 words

In Mutual Orbit - Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Gaila, Scotty/Uhura, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/every woman in the galaxy, het, femmeslash, R, angst, outside POV, genderbending, pon farr
Uhura's relationship with Jamie Kirk evolves
Warnings: always a girl!Kirk, mentions of past abuse/non-con NO explicit discussions
~10,900 words

Rebirth - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, angst, pon farr
A missing scene from In Mutual Orbit. Jamie breaks into Spock’s quarters during the plak tow.
Warnings: always a girl!Kirk, mentions of past abuse/non-con NO explicit discussions
~3,200 words

On the Naming of Emotions - Spock/T'Pring, Spock/Number One, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock, PG-13, angst
In navigating the precarious path between emotion and logic, Spock has always had good guides.
Warnings: implied rough sex
~3,200 words

Inheritance - Kirk/Spock Prime, Kirk/Spock Prime/Spock, Kirk/Spock, NC-17, angst
Spock Prime realizes he must relinquish his lover to his younger self.
Warnings: rimming, double penetration, character death
~3,600 words

The Law of Definite Proportions - Kirk/Spock, past Kirk/OMC, Spock/T'Pring, Spock/T'Pring/Stonn, NC-17, angst, genderbending (sort of)
When captors take their clothes, Jim and Spock struggle with the revelation of Jim’s ambiguous genitalia.
Warnings: intersex!Kirk, rimming, flashback to underage sexuality among like-aged individuals, brief het double penetration, copious hurt/comfort action
~18,000 words

Desideratum - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, PWP, bottom!Spock
Desideratum: from the Latin, something lacked and wanted. Spock has certain shore leave habits he’s kept secret for two years. Jim finally crashes his party.
Warnings: dirty talk, graphic rimming and fingering
~6,500 words

Many Waters - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, angst, pon farr
Four years after Spock left him, Jim is finally going to get an explanation.
Warnings: rimming, fisting
~10,600 words

Lush - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, angst, romance
Jim wonders if the bond can endure the indignities of aging.
Warnings: rimming
~9,200 words

Lessons in Anatomy - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, crack, humor, fluff, PWP
First Officer Spock, possessed of an efficient Vulcan male reproductive system, has never spared much thought to its illogical human counterpart. Until he interrupts his captain’s private time.
Warnings: rimming, alien physiology
~4,800 words

Not Even the Stars - Kirk Prime/Spock, NC-17, angst, PWP
They can't have who they really want.
Warnings: rough sex
~2,000 words

A Distant Horizon - Kirk/Spock, Kirk Prime/Spock, Kirk Prime/Spock Prime, NC-17, angst
Four men. Two realities. One love. A sequel to Not Even the Stars.
Warnings: implied rough sex, rimming
~21,000 words

A Long-Standing Union - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, heavy angst, pon farr
At 103, Jim knows he can't go through another pon farr
Highlight to Read Warnings: end of life discussions, major character death. Serious angst.
~14,200 words

Powder - Kirk/Spock, NC-17, sex pollen, sex toys, humor, PWP
Kirk gets a face full of sex pollen on an away mission. He’s ready to take matters into his own hands when the object of his secret affections makes an offer of assistance.
Warnings: sex pollen of the non-mind-altering variety, rimming, light spanking, Spock's version of dirty talk
~4,800 words

March 22, 2233 - McCoy gen, G, kidfic, character sketch
Leonard McCoy is six and one-sixth years old when the Kelvin makes the newsfeeds.
~1,500 words

Reaching for the Sky Just to Surrender - Spock/McCoy, NC-17, angst, rimming
Turns out, Spock and McCoy share a demon or two.
Highlight to Read Warnings: discussion of addiction, mentions of infanticide
~11,000 words

Perlustration - Kirk/Spock, G, fluff
Perlustration: The act of viewing all over. Jim makes sure not to take Spock for granted.
~1,200 words

Portraits - Kirk/Spock, G, fluff
Jim and Spock gain a little insight into Sarek.
~2,500 words

On Restless Pinions - Kirk/Spock, Stonn/T'Pring, past Spock/T'Pring, Spock-T'Pring friendship, NC-17, jealousy/pining
When Stonn goes into pon farr, T'Pring must break her bond with Spock, which has unforeseen consequences. But that's not where their story starts.
~23,000 words


Evolution - Karofsky/various, unrequited Karofsky/Kurt, hard R, angst, character study
Everyone evolves, even Dave Karofsky.
Warnings: brief homophobic language
~3,200 words

X-Men: First class

To Oblivion - Erik/Charles, Erik/Raven, NC-17, angst, transformisex
Erik misses the touch of Charles's mind in his own.
Warnings: Brief mentions of Holocaust horror. Graphic rimming.
~2,900 words

The Measure of Endurance - Erik/Charles, NC-17, gunplay, object insertion
In a First Class where President Kennedy never interrupted our boys’ satellite scene, Charles has to return Erik’s gun.
Warnings: brief mentions of attempted suicide, barebacking
~3,700 words


Heirloom - Sherlock/John, NC-17, fluff, family
Sherlock finds John's grandfather's stethoscope.
~3,000 words

Applied Linguistics - Sherlock/John, R, Sherlock's version of fluff
“He wants to shake John by the shoulders, wants to open his mouth and swallow John whole. Wants to marry him.” Sherlock searches for the right words.
~4,800 words

Practical Johnkeeping - Sherlock/John, R, beekeeping, aging, Gladstone
Sherlock predicts nectar flow like he deduces a murder, but he harvests the honey like John coddles the dog.
~4,300 words

Mustachioed - Sherlock/John, NC-17, rimming, intercrural, PWP
John grows a moustache. This disturbs Sherlock.
~2,300 words

Intravenous - Hard R, Sherlock/John, darkness
Warnings: graphic depiction of drug use
~700 words

Down the Pub with the Rugby Lads - R, Sherlock/John, coming out, flangst
In which John meets old friends for a pint and Sherlock reads too much.
Warning: homophobia
~4,500 words

A Hundred Thousand Miles - R, Sally Donovan, character study, gen
Sally Donovan didn’t daydream of being a police officer when she was young.
Highlight to Read Warnings: racism, violence, brief implications of disordered eating and self-injury.
~2,100 words

The Syntax of Things - NC-17, Sherlock/John, family, angst, trans!Sherlock
When John looked at him, Sherlock felt whole, felt like he was who he was meant to be. Not a freak, an oddity, or a monster in-between.
Warning: transphobia
~19,200 words

Like You Best - G - Sherlock/John pre-slash, fluff
When Sherlock comes down with the flu, he's nothing at all like John might have imagined him.
~2,400 words

real:imagine - PG-13 - Sherlock & John friendship, extra angst, h/c
Sherlock and John help each other out.
Highlight to Read Warnings: brief discussion of addiction, references to depression and suicide, minor character death
~2,400 words

Burn Pattern - PG-13 - Sherlock/John, fluff
“You should grow a moustache,” Sherlock said.

In which there is a small disagreement.
~1400 words

Battle Stratagem for the Domesticated British Male - NC-17 - Sherlock/John, retirement
Age happens. This is not Sherlock's area.
~8,000 words

Captain Sherlock Holmes of the Good Ship Borealis - G - Sherlock character study
"Initially, he wanted to be a pirate." - Mycroft Holmes, A Scandal in Belgravia

Sherlock is six years old when he begins to travel the world collecting treasure.
~1,500 words

Tremolo - PG-13 - Sherlock/John, magical realism, Reichenbach
Regular people, normal people, people like good, warm, tea-making, hair-stroking John, they have visible pulses, pulses that slow and quicken, pulses tied to their emotions and their brains and their life forces. Pulses attached to whatever animates them.

Sherlock has no such time-keeping.
~6,000 words

Dismantle the Sun - sequel to Tremolo - R - Sherlock/John, magical realism, Reichenbach, grief
John wants to blame Moriarty. Kitty Riley. The press. The Yard. Lestrade. Anderson and Donovan. Bloody Mycroft. But John knows the truth.

This is his own damn fault.
~8,100 words

Centuries of Nerve - sequel to Dismantle the Sun - NC-17 - Sherlock/John, magical realism, angst, off-screen death of a minor character
"Hang the miracle - can John survive another round of Sherlock Holmes?"
~10,300 words

An Affinity for Lignin - coda to Centuries of Nerve - PG-13 - Sherlock/John, unremitting fluff, babyfic
“I can do it, John. What Mr. Norbury did. Only better, I think.”

Calamity's Child - NC-17 - Sherlock/John, crossdressing, kink, humor
If John were to imagine Sherlock as a woman, he would have pictured someone who looked less like a spotty twelve year old trying to imitate her far lovelier elder sister.

~5,300 words

What Mycroft Likes - R - Mycroft/Irene, D/S, incest play, weight issues, 221b fic
It’s just that he gets so tense running the country.
221 words

Dragon Heartstring in Ebony, Nine Inches, Quite Stubborn - R - Sherlock/John, post-Reichenbach, Harry Potter fusion
John doesn't know what he's found beneath Sherlock's floorboards, but he'll be damned if he's going to give it up.
~2,400 words

Blame the Trees - NC-17 - ACD Holmes/Watson, first time, homophobia, Victorian sexual mores, pining, angst
Watson moves back into Baker Street after the events of "The Empty House" only to discover Holmes has been keeping secrets.
~8,300 words

A Symphony of Chemical Reactions - PG-13 - Sherlock/John, fluff
Cooking's just chemistry and time management.
~2,300 words

Elegy for a Lost Boy - not rated - gen family fic, mourning, presumed character death
I taught both my boys to appreciate formula and exactitude — expression is messy, expression is trite, expression is boring. What could I possibly say on a day like today? That no parent should ever bury her child is as insulting as it is obvious, and my dears, I abhor the obvious.
~700 words

Cameo - PG-13 - ACD Holmes/Watson, AU, casefic
Holmes and Watson become embroiled in a case Scotland Yard refuses to acknowledge. A soulmate AU.
~8,300 words

The Avengers films

Móðir - G - gen - Frigga character study, childbirth, adoption
When Odin places his Jötunn foundling in Frigga's arms, she knows what is to come.
Warnings: possible future incest
~2,500 words

(There'll Be Bluebirds OVer) the Highway to Hell - NC-17 - Steve/Tony, drama, internalized homophobia
Steve Rogers never expected to find himself back in his original body. He also never expected Tony Stark.
~34,000 words
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